A bit of history...

Origins of

the Hotel Télécabine

Our hotel, with its atypical appearance, has a history and we are proud of it!

We are happy to share with you in these few lines, a little history and the major stages of the hotel restaurant Télécabine and the resort of Les Crosets….

It was following the 1962 hurricane, which devastated the forests of the Vallée d’Illiez, that some young people in the region had the idea of building a road leading to Les Crosets.

Until then, the only way to reach the Crosets ski lift was from Champéry.

In 1967, the Hotel Télécabine building was built, with the departure of the Mossettes Télécabine in the centre, which remained in service until April 1994.

Originally, the Télécabine was only a restaurant. The two floors of rooms were built in 1977. This is why the building looks like a big concrete cube.

This building housed several services. First of all, it was the departure point of the Télécabine, the ski pass boxes were also located here and the post office.


step by step...

On the first floor of the restaurant was a kiosk, where customers could buy Swiss chocolates, cigarettes, ski equipment (poles, gloves, hats, goggles etc.).

Later, with the development of the resort and the large sports shops in the plain, this convenience store became obsolete and eventually disappeared.

As soon as the Télécabine was built, Gustave and Anne-Marie Trombert, who have owned the place since the beginning, worked hard to make it a welcoming establishment. If you feel a slight British atmosphere, it is because Anne-Marie is English. Gustave was a native of Val d’Illiez.

The Grande salle was originally a self-service restaurant, the carnotzet was dedicated to Valais specialities, while the dining room was considered a “chic” room.

Since then, the self-service room has been transformed into a brasserie, the dining room into a breakfast room, while the carnotzet has kept its original function.

Some pictures

of that time.

The adventure goes on

with us

At the Télécabine, it is important to us to respond positively to your requests and there are few wishes that have not been fulfilled so far. The aim is to make everyone feel comfortable.

However, the establishment is not a luxury hotel, but could rather be considered as a boarding house. Children are welcome and the playroom is entirely dedicated to them.

The hotel’s large lounge allows families to get together over a board game or a drink. Many friendships have been made here.

After Gustave’s health problems, the hotel was rented for a few years. The family then took over the management, with Anne-Marie still at the head of the team.

Our house is a family-run establishment, the last one in Les Crosets still managed by its founders.

The Trombert children (Nicolas and Catherine) assist their mother, while pursuing another professional activity. They nevertheless ensure that Anne-Marie, supported by her faithful collaborators, can still assume such responsibilities.


is assured!

The 4 grandchildren are also starting to help out in the business, doing various tasks. So don’t be surprised to see young people on the staff. They are there to assist or guide you, whether in the big labyrinth or on the ski or mountain bike trails.

The Trombert family is looking forward to meeting you at the Télécabine this winter in this place full of history.

Don’t hesitate to ask the “Patronne” to tell you little anecdotes about the resort and the Hotel. She does it with great pleasure because she loves to share a bit of her past.